FaceBike Project 2014 at Moto Clube Faro Portugal

A Biker's World

A Biker's World

Deuxième partie (2014) de notre trilogie photographique sur les bikers du meeting Moto Clube Faro au sud Portugal.

Ce rassemblement de bikers est l'un des plus important au monde avec près de 50000 participants certaines années.


Second part (2014) of our trilogy photographic work about the bikers showing at the Moto Clube Faro meeting in south Portugal. 

This motorcycle meeting is one of the biggest in the world with about 50000 bikers involved certain years.

"In 1982, was created the Moto Clube Faro's motorcycling meeting, wich at this time counted about 200 bikers. Since that time, every year in july, the Moto Clube Faro meeting opens with bikers coming from all around the world. Moto Clube Faro also invests throughout the year in social work inside the Algarve (Portugal) region.The MC has about 500 members and is chaired by M. Jose Amaro."


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